Article XXVIII



    1. As of October 1, 2002, compensation for all unit members who are psychiatrists assigned to University Behavioral HealthCare (UBHC) shall be governed by this Article and Article VIII.

    1. The weekly time commitment of each full-time unit member employed at UBHC and covered by this article shall be 37.5 hours, or a proportionate number of hours if employed by the University or assigned to UBHC less than full-time (the “Weekly Commitment”).

    1. (a) As of October 1, 2002, covered unit members at UBHC, whether presently employed as of that date or newly hired thereafter, shall receive Base Compensation (base salary plus patient service income and/or patient service compensation) of at least $130,000 for Assistant Professors, $135,000 for Associate Professors, and $140,000 for Full Professors, plus the following adjustments to Base Compensation:

      For post-residency experience $2,000/yr. up to 7 yrs.

      For child and adolescent specialty $7,500

      For specialty in addictions $7,500

      For fluency in Spanish $5,000

      For geriatrics specialty $2,000<

      For major professional achievements $5,000

      (b) Covered unit members who, after October 1, 2002, attain a child and adolescent specialty, a specialty in addictions, fluency in Spanish, a geriatrics specialty or a major professional achievement (other than promotion) shall receive the adjustments set forth in the above table in this Paragraph III of Article XXVIII; provided that, in order to qualify for an adjustment for child and adolescent, addiction and geriatric specialties, the unit member must practice in the specialty.

      (c)  All upward adjustments pursuant to this Paragraph shall be made first to the base salary component of compensation up to the maximum of the applicable salary range.  If the required adjustment is greater than that needed to bring base salary to the maximum of the applicable range, the portion of the adjustment above maximum will be added to the unit member’s patient service income and/or patient service component.  The University shall not modify the patient service income or patient service component of covered unit members at UBHC except pursuant to established procedures.

    1. Where covered unit members assigned to UBHC would earn less if their salary were calculated according to the formula in this Article, they will receive no adjustment.  Covered unit members assigned to UBHC part-time shall be compensated according to this Article for the proportion of their time they are so assigned.

    1. The University shall develop reasonable productivity standards, which shall encompass all patient care and academic activities, including activities outside of UBHC, for covered unit members.  Such unit members who obtain authorization and meet weekly productivity requirements, which shall be prorated for part-time members, in any week, shall be paid a bonus of $75 per hour for each hour worked above the Weekly Commitment.

    1. The University shall develop and utilize a form to memorialize work that will qualify covered unit members for bonuses, on a weekly basis, pursuant to Section 5 of this Article.

    1. Where possible, covered unit members will develop weekly schedules with their supervisors in advance if they believe they will exceed weekly productivity standards.


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