Introducing AAUP-BHSNJ

The American Association of University Professors, Council of Chapters (the AAUP) is the professional bargaining representative for more than 1,400 faculty members and librarians of the Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences and Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine, collectively, Biomedical and Health Sciences of New Jersey (BHSNJ).

Our members are the teachers, physicians, researchers, and librarians.

Eighty percent of the members are licensed health care professionals, including physicians,dentists and nurses. The remaining members are scientists holding the Ph.D.

The AAUP-BHSNJ offices are located on the Newark (telephone number: 973-972-5875) and Piscataway (telephone number: 732-235-4196) campuses of BHSNJ.

Who We Are and Where We Work

- Members of AAUP-BHSNJ are the teaching and research faculty and the library staff at:

- New Jersey Medical School, Newark
- Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Piscataway and New Brunswick
- School of Osteopathic Medicine, Stratford and Cherry Hill
- Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, Newark
- Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Newark and Piscataway
- School of Nursing, Newark and Stratford
- School of Public Health, Newark, Piscataway/New Brunswick and 
- School of Health Related Professions, Newark, Scotch Plains, Piscataway
- University Libraries, Newark, New Brunswick and Stratford

Whom We Teach

The students our members teach today are New Jersey's physicians, dentists, nurses and biomedical researchers of tomorrow.

For AAUP-BHSNJ members, a high point each year is the success achieved by the students of Rutgers and Rowan as they complete their medical, dental, nursing or science education. We are also proud of the numerous interns, residents, fellows and visiting scientists who receive their training under our supervison.

Where We Stand

For more than a generation, faculty and librarians represented by the AAUP Council have been the teachers, caregivers and researchers who made RBHS a world-class medical and health education institution.

Since 2013, we continue our teaching, caregiving and research through Rutgers and Rowan Universities. New Jersey expects us to be among the world's best medical and health teachers and scientists in the nation, bringing recognition to New Jersey for excellence in medical education and research.

The members of the AAUP-BHSNJ strive to fulfill that expectation every day as they make a vital contribution to the quality of life in New Jersey.

Together, we who belong to the BHSNJ, stand for the highest quality of teaching in the medical and healing professions, and the highest levels of clinical and scientific research.

We stand for the essential principal of secure, free, unfettered academic and scientific inquiry meeting the most rigorous standards for excellence.

The Contribution We Make

As faculty and librarians of Rutgers and Rowan, members of the AAUP-BHSNJ make a major contribution to the economic well-being of the Universities and to their standing as a leader in medical health.


Join Today

“ AAUP-BHSNJ is the professional Bargaining Representative for more than 1,400 faculty members and librarians of the BHSNJ. 


As of July 1, 2013, based on the integration of SOM with Rowan University and the integration of the remaining units of the former UMDNJ with Rutgers University (as per the New 
Jersey Medical and Health Sciences Education Restructuring Act as of 2012) AAUP-UMDNJ became AAUP-BHSNJ.

 Faculty and Librarians of the former UMDNJ at both Rutgers and Rowan (and those hired into units of the former UMDNJ) are now part of the Biomedical and Health Sciences of New Jersey American Association of University Professors unit, AAUP-BHSNJ.