Notice Requirements

Notice Requirements on Term Contracts 

Notice of Non-Reappointment (Article XXVII)

Per University Bylaws (Article IV, Title C, Section 5) and the AAUP-UMDNJ Contract (Article XXVII), written notice that a term appointment is not to be renewed upon expiration is to be given to the appointee by the University as soon as possible and not less than:

  • One-year Appointment: four (4) months notice
  • Two-year Appointment: six (6) months notice
  • Three years and over: twelve (12) months notice

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“ AAUP-BHSNJ is the professional Bargaining Representative for more than 1,400 faculty members and librarians of the BHSNJ. 


As of July 1, 2013, based on the integration of SOM with Rowan University and the integration of the remaining units of the former UMDNJ with Rutgers University (as per the New 
Jersey Medical and Health Sciences Education Restructuring Act as of 2012) AAUP-UMDNJ became AAUP-BHSNJ.

 Faculty and Librarians of the former UMDNJ at both Rutgers and Rowan (and those hired into units of the former UMDNJ) are now part of the Biomedical and Health Sciences of New Jersey American Association of University Professors unit, AAUP-BHSNJ.