Recent Accomplishments

Increases to base pay

For the 2018-2022 contract we successfully bargained for the following pay increases:

  • 3% July 1, 2018 (paid retroactively to those faculty present)
  • 3% July 1, 2019 (paid retroactively to those faculty present)
  • 3% July 31, 2021 (merit)
  • 2.5% July 31, 2022 (merit)

We were able to achieve these increases while avoiding furlough days for any members and while simultaneously resisting Rutgers proposals to cut your salary. One of such proposals allowed for a 10-12% percent reduction for those with "needs improvement" on any part of their annual evaluation or in the ill-defined area of “professionalism.”

Set Minimum Salary Benchmark at 25% AAMC Rank

RWJMS faculty are poorly paid relative to their colleagues nationally. To offset this, we were able to secure contractually mandated minimum benchmarks for total fixed compensation (base salary plus faculty practice supplement, if applicable) to 25% of the AAMC benchmark for rank and specialty. These increases are supposed to take place before June 30, 2021. While we believe they are still too low, and will continue to advocate for higher levels, we believe these increases are a step in the right direction.

Establishment of a Pay Equity Program

We have long advocated for the closing arbitrary pay gaps. We have now been able to win agreement to establish a program to address these discrepancies. Starting July 1, 2021, faculty who believe they are not fairly paid can put in for an equity salary request, and also have the right grieve the determination if it is still not adjusted. We are working closely with the AAUP-AFT, the legacy faculty union to perfect this process at the University. We will also assist the RWJMS Bylaws pay equity committee in any way they see fit.

Maintained Research Incentives

In the new union contract, faculty receive an Extramural Support Incentive Award based on their rFTE adjusted salary on awards as follows:

Percentage of rFTE Adjusted salary supported Percentage Returned to Faculty
1-10% 0%
11-20% 1%
21-30% 2%
31-40% 5%
41-50% 6%
51-60% 15%
61-70% 19%
71-80% 22%
81-90% 25%
91%-& above 30%

While an incentive system based on your rFTE component raises some serious concerns, in this contract we have decided to give the administration a chance to prove they will not abuse or take advantage of this by arbitrarily setting minimum expectations for your effort or fail to credit you with increases to your workload. Our contract also includes new lump sum incentives for certain faculty with R01s and/or training grants.

New Health Insurance PPO that Saves You Money

Our union, as part of the Coalition of Rutgers Unions, negotiated lower health care costs for members who choose to switch into the NJ Direct/NJ Direct 2019 plan. Most of you are currently enrolled in the Horizon Direct 15 PPO or the Horizon HMO plans. The new NJ Direct/NJ Direct 2019 is based on the design of the Direct 15 plan, but with some changes in co-pays and deductibles that allow for premium savings .

Continuing Efforts on Your Behalf

Put a Halt to Rutgers Union Busting

We are fighting to stop Professional Practice faculty from being hired directly by RWJBH (Barnabas), where they will not receive union representation or the full rights and benefits of being a faculty member. There should not be any second-class status for our faculty.

Resist Premature Medical School Merger

Last year, the RBHS Chancellor formed a “Committee on the Future of Medical Education,” comprised of mostly Rutgers faculty administrators. This committee is tasked with making a recommendation as to how the two medical schools, New Jersey Medical School and the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School could merge together. Let us be clear: We oppose any attempts by the University to exploit the merger as a backdoor way to reduce the number of faculty positions, destroy tenure, relocate faculty offices or laboratories without PI consent, and any and all other potentially adverse effects that it may have our faculty.