Summary of Major Contract Wins

Better Compensation

  • 2 years of retroactive base pay increases paid immediately (3% dated to July 2018, 3% to July 2019)
  • 2 years of merit increases to base pay (July 2021 - 3%/July 2022 (2.5%)
  • Raises are protected from any declaration of Fiscal Emergency by the University
  • Preserved NJMS Faculty Practice Compensation Scheme
  • New Research Faculty Incentives

Pay Inequity

  • A review process to correct pay inequity
  • Adjustments for lowest paid faculty to 25% of AAMC based on rank and specialty

Family Leave

  • New parents may use up to one year of paid sick time or sick leave, float time and/or vacation leave (even if not yet accrued) to bond with their child.

Job Security/Promotions Appeal

  • The ability to grieve non-reappointments
  • The ability to appeal the failed promotions for Non-Tenure Track Faculty