Contract Settlement for Ratification

1 Joint AAUP-BHSNJ and Chancellor Strom Contract Settlement Announcement.pdf 2 Preamble.pdf 3 Article I Definitions.pdf 4 Article II Recognition.pdf 5 Article IV Personnel Files.pdf 6 Grievance Procedure.pdf 6a Article Re Faculty Suspensions at Less Than Full Pay.pdf 6b Faculty Personnel Grievance Procedure.pdf 7 Article VI Management Rights.pdf 8 ARTICLE VII Association Rights.pdf 9 ARTICLE VIII Compensation.pdf 10 ARTICLE IX - Fringe Benefits.pdf 11 ARTICLE XII - Travel.pdf 12 ARTICLE XIII - Professional Development.pdf 13 ARTICLE XIV - Retirement.pdf 14 ARTICLE XIX - Availability of Contracts.pdf 14a ARTICLE XV Distribution of Overall Course Schedules.pdf 15 ARTICLE XVII - Duration of Agreement.pdf 16 ARTICLE XVIII Negotiation Procedure.pdf 17 Article XXII - Rules Governing Working Conditions.pdf 18 ARTICLE XXIII Tenured Faculty.pdf 19 ARTICLE XXIV Safety.pdf 20 Article XXV Multi Year Contracts.pdf 21 Article XXVI Termination for Cause.pdf 22 Article XXVII Notice of Non Reappointment.pdf 23 Appendix E Academic Titles.pdf 24 Article TBD - Quarterly Meetings.pdf 25 Article TBD Tuition Remission and Reimbursement.pdf 26 Article TBD - Nondiscrimination.pdf 27 Article TBD - No Strike or Lockout.pdf 28 Faculty Transition to Retirement Program.pdf 29 Side Letter At-Will Faculty Protection.pdf 30 Side Letter Professor Emeritus.pdf 31 Side Letter Eligibility to Participate in Rutgers APB Trust -Donut Hole Provision.pdf 32 Side Letter Salary Holdback.pdf 33 Side Letter of Agreement Librarians.pdf 34 Side Letter of Agreement School of Nursing Committee.pdf 35 Side Letter of Agreement SHRP.pdf 36 Side Letter - Extramural Support Incentive Awards Committee.pdf 36a Extramural Incentive Award.pdf 37 Side Letter - Merit-Based Increases Committee.pdf 38 MOA Side Letters.pdf 38a MOA Side Letters.pdf 38b Side Letter Alignment of Payroll.pdf 39 MOA Charges.pdf 40 Side Letter Unfair Practice Charge Promotions.pdf 41 Summary of the Negotiated Portions of the A&P Guidelines 42 Full Contract Settlement