AAUP at School of Dental Medicine


Bargain Fair Clinical Compensation

We have proposed amendments to the merit pay system. Currently, there is a large issue with merit pay increases not being tied to evaluation scores. In other words, a faculty member could get an excellent evaluation but only a small increase in pay. While we presented the senior Administration with data that showed a poor correlation between a faculty member's evaluation and the merit increase received, they produced no solutions for making the system more fair or transparent. In contrast, our plan requires that any increase cannot be more than .6 below the evaluation score. This is aimed at solving the problem, while maintaining some discretion for the department chair. We are also simultaneously resisting senior administration proposals that make no sense. One of their proposals allows for a 10-12% percent salary reduction for those with "needs improvement" on any part of their annual evaluation or in the ill-defined area of professionalism. Another exempts tenured faculty from receiving clinical incentive payments. Finally, we proposed to triple the match of the extramural incentive.

Dental Practice Incentive Plan

The Administration has proposed a variety of measures that impact faculty who work or wish to work in the faculty practice. We proposed a counterproposal. Please see our website and Dr. Roger Johansen for more information.
A Voice for Faculty in the RWJBH/Rutgers Alignment

We are advocating for you in Trenton, at the bargaining table and in meetings with the Chancellor. We are fighting to:

  • To stop Professional Practice faculty being moved to RWJBH, where they will not receive union representation or the full rights and benefits of being a faculty member.
  • Prevent faculty from being assigned to RWJBH institutions at the last minute and have to travel a considerable distance to do so.
  • Maintain a voice in how the RWJBH practice is run and to maintain control over aspects where faculty currently occupy control.
  • Ensure that University Hospital’s historic mission is protected.

Job Security for both Tenured and Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Unfortunately, we have represented a number of faculty members which have had their reappointments non renewed for arbitrary or retaliatory reasons. Renewal of appointments should be based on job performance and nothing else. Currently, AAUP-BHSNJ tenured faculty are subject to less rigorous dismissal procedures then other Rutgers tenured faculty. This and other similar issues should be corrected.