May 1, 2014

Your Rowan SOM AAUP representatives met until late yesterday with representatives of Rowan University (including a representative from the State of New Jersey) and came to a Tentative Agreement, subject to a vote by the AAUP membership.

This Tentative Agreement (subject to AAUP membership vote) includes a 1.0% increase effective 7/1/13 and a 1.75% increase effective 7/1/14; a 90-day notice from voluntarily departing faculty, unless there is hardship (for which provision is made); modifying the AAUP Contract to remove the $10 maximum for prescription co-pays and to otherwise have the AAUP contract follow the State Health Program; a Rowan SOM Faculty-Management Compensation Study Committee. All of other provisions and protections of the existing AAUP Contract will continue. The term of this Agreement would be through June 30, 2015 and negotiations for a comprehensive new Contract will begin well before that date.

While this Tentative Agreement is not everything we had hoped for, your Rowan SOM negotiating team wanted the AAUP membership to decide on whether to approve this Tentative Agreement.

We will be contacting you shortly with details about how the AAUP membership vote will be conducted.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact your Rowan SOM colleagues Dr. Rocco Carsia, Dr. Venkat Venkataraman, Dr. Pamela Kane, Dr. Bob Nagele or Mr. Kevin Block at the e-mail addresses above. Or you can contact me at (732) 235-4196 or at his e-mail address above.

Thank you.

Bob Witkowski

AAUP's Labor Representative for Rowan SOM