Access to Permanent Personnel Files



The permanent personnel file is kept in a location designated by the Dean of the faculty unit member's educational unit or in the office of the Director of Human Resources on the campus at which the librarian unit member is employed. Within five (5) working days of the request and with reasonable notice, bargaining unit members shall have the opportunity at the campus where employed to review and examine pertinent documents including those related to performance evaluation and conduct in their individual, permanent personnel files. The University shall honor the requests of bargaining unit members for copies of documents in their permanent personnel file. The University shall have the right to have the review and examination take place in the presence of an appropriate official of the University. The cost of copying said documents shall be borne by bargaining unit members. The bargaining unit member may file a written response of reasonable length to any memoranda or documents which are derogatory or adverse. Such response will be included in the permanent personnel file and will be attached to and retained with the document in question. If any material derogatory or adverse to the bargaining unit member is placed in the permanent personnel file in question, a copy of such material shall be sent to the bargaining unit member. The bargaining unit member's response must be made within twenty one (21) calendar days of the day the unit member first received the document.

No document of anonymous origin shall be placed in the permanent personnel file or used against a bargaining unit member in any personnel action.

Letters of recommendation relating to initial appointment and promotion which were solicited under conditions of confidentiality shall be excluded from the bargaining unit member's inspection.

Information which is mutually agreed to be in error shall be corrected or expunged from the permanent personnel file.

Any item which may deal specifically with a bargaining unit member's retention, dismissal, salary improvement, promotion, or tenure which was not previously transmitted to the bargaining unit member and which is to be relied upon in personnel action shall be made available to the bargaining unit member and a reasonable time provided to respond.

The bargaining unit member may add to those records such material as the individual believes necessary to give reasonable representation of the individual's record.

Only documents which have been placed in the permanent personnel file may be used in any personnel action.