Article X


A. Work Load for Librarian Unit Members

The workload for librarian unit members shall be fair, reasonable and consistent with service and professional responsibilities delineated in the approved job description.
All librarian unit members are exempt salaried employees with a 37.5-hour workweek. All librarian unit members shall be scheduled on an equitable and rotating basis to work weekend days. Campus Library Directors shall grant appropriate compensatory time off for assigned hours scheduled and worked beyond the 37.5-hour workweek.

B. Seniority for Librarian Unit Members

Accrual: Seniority will be credited from the date of hire or rehire to all regular full-time or part-time librarian unit members upon the successful completion of their initial probationary period. Loss of Seniority: A librarian unit member's seniority shall be broken by resignations, dismissals from employment, or other types of terminations, layoffs of more than one (1) year or refusal of a suitable position while on recall from layoff. Layoff: Layoffs shall be administered in accordance with University policy except as stated below. Seniority will prevail on layoffs due to lack of work in the job classification, efficiency reorganization or reductions due to economic considerations. Seniority will prevail on call backs within one (1) year from layoff.

A layoff shall be effected in the following manner:

Filling a vacancy at any of the University Libraries.
Bumping into a position at any of the University Libraries.

A list of vacant positions will be available for review in the Campus Human Resources offices.

Within their respective departments/work units, librarian unit members shall not be laid off before temporary or probationary librarian unit members in the same job title, that is, Librarian I, II or III.

Librarian unit members affected by a layoff may exercise bumping rights within their job title within any of the University Libraries. Bumping rights shall be exercised in accordance with the provisions of this Article. Librarian unit members choosing not to exercise their bumping rights remain eligible for recall consistent with the provisions of this Article.

Librarian unit members shall serve a probation period of ninety (90) days in a new position whether such placement is due to filling a vacancy, exercising a bump, or as a result of a recall, except that an employee who bumps or is recalled into the same job title within the same department shall not be required to serve a probation.

Probation can be extended, at the option of the University, up to an additional ninety (90) days. Failure of a librarian unit member to satisfactorily complete the probation period shall result in the librarian unit member being placed on a recall list for up to one (1) year. If the librarian unit member is recalled and again fails probation, such librarian unit member's employment at the University shall be terminated and all layoff and recall rights shall cease.

All librarian unit members shall be covered by the layoff policy regardless of salary range, consistent with the following provisions:

Librarian unit members employed under a J-Visa shall not be eligible for coverage.
Librarian unit members employed under an H-Visa shall have bumping rights only into the same job classification.

The University will provide a minimum of fifteen (15) working days notice of layoff to any librarian unit member affected.

C. Probationary Period for Librarian Unit Members

All librarian unit members shall serve a one hundred and eighty (180) calendar day probationary period following their initial date of hire.
The University reserves the right to extend the initial probationary period up to an additional thirty (30) days for full- and part-time employees. A librarian unit member's employment may be terminated at any time during the probationary period. Such decision shall be final and binding, and not subject to the grievance procedure.
Probationary librarian unit members will be eligible to use accrued sick leave after thirty (30) calendar days of employment and other accrued leave time after ninety (90) calendar days of employment.

D. Attendance Control Policy for Librarian Unit Members

Librarian Unit Members shall be subject to the University Attendance Control Policy (#30-01-50-40:00) dated January 1, 2004 effective upon the ratification and approval of the Memorandum of Agreement.