Dental Clinical Incentive Plan


XIII. Dental Clinical Incentive Program

RSDM faculty are not eligible for to participate in the CIP, Section XII above. As an alternative for all RSDM faculty, the following clinical incentive program (hereafter “DCIP”) shall be available:

A. Eligibility

1. The DCIP shall require that the RSDM faculty member obtain a New Jersey dental license that is valid, active and in good standing.
2. A RSDM faculty member must have University Hospital privileges in order to receive incentives from operating room or hospital-based work.

B. Time Assigned to Faculty Practice

1. RSDM faculty may participate for a minimum of ½ day per week at their option at either the Newark or New Brunswick facility. There shall be no prohibition on this ½ day allotment provided there is sufficient departmental faculty to cover teaching and the other faculty member’s responsibilities.
2. Requests for greater than a ½ day per week shall be made in writing to the Governing Council of the Faculty Practice, (hereafter “Governing Council” ) which shall deny, accept, or accept the request with modification.
3. When assigning time, the Governing Council shall take into consideration the faculty member’s departmental duties, patient load, and time already dedicated to the practice.
4. The Governing Council shall strive to distribute time to faculty members on a fair and equitable basis.
5. The Governing Council shall reassess all time requests semi-annually.

C. Calculation of DCIP

1. Incentive payments are paid at a rate of 60% (sixty percent) of collections less the costs of implant supplies and laboratory costs.
2. Work performed at UH-Unit 1 or RSDM clinics are excluded from the DCIP.
3. Operating room work must be billed though RSDM/RHG (or other entity as required by RSDM) and such work will be eligible for inclusion in the DCIP.

D. Other Work Earning Incentives

1. Rates paid to the faculty member for Hospital On-Call work will be determined by the clinical service agreement between that hospital and the RSDM. The University shall consult the relevant faculty impacted by such agreement prior to formally entering into the agreement.
2. Expert witness and other expert consultation service billed through Rutgers will result in 75% of such payment being paid to the faculty member, 20% being paid the faculty member’s department, and 5% being paid to RSDM.

E. Outside Work

RSDM faculty at 1.0 FTE shall be eligible to engage in outside practice provided the faculty member in good faith complies with Rutgers Policy 60.9.21. RSDM faculty below 1.0 FTE have no such requirement.

F. Promotional Materials

RSDM faculty participating in the DCIP above shall be provided with all appropriate promotional material, including but not limited to brochures, business cards and protocols for patient referral to the practice. Protocols for patient referral shall be developed by the Governing Council.