FAQ Vacation / Medical Leave

Frequently Asked Questions and Guidance Reporting Annual Vacation and Medical Leave Days pdf_button

1. I received a form from UMDNJ, which requires me to report my vacation days and medical leave days. Why is the University asking me to submit this form? Do I have to do it?

The University has a right and an interest in having you submit this information on an annual basis to help them and you track your vacation and medical leave days. It is also in your interest to maintain an accounting of the vacation and medical days you take during a fiscal year so that you know exactly what you have and when you have it. If there is ever a dispute over how many days you are entitled to, this annual document will resolve it.
The AAUP recommends that you submit the form with an accurate accounting of your vacation and medical leave time.

2. How many vacation days do I receive per year ?

Full-time faculty with 0-19 years of service are entitled to 22 vacation days per year. Full-time faculty with 20+ years of service are entitled to 25 vacation days per year. Part-time faculty receive these vacation benefits on a pro-rated basis. You also receive 3 float holidays per fiscal year in addition to your vacation time, which are forfeited if not taken in the fiscal year. It is recommended that you take your float holidays first so that you do not forfeit them.

3. How many vacation days can I carryover from one fiscal year to then next ?

You may carry over up to a maximum of one year’s accrual (22, 25, or prorated for part-timers). This carryover vacation time must be used by the conclusion of the following fiscal year (June 30th). If the carryover vacation time is not used by the end of the fiscal year (June 30th), it is forfeited.
By example, if you receive 22 vacation days per year and took 11 days in FY2008 (July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008), you carry over 11 days into FY2009 and must take these 11 days prior to June 30, 2009. If you do not take these 11 days by June 30, 2009, they are forfeited. With some exception (See 4 below), the maximum days one may carry over from one fiscal year to the next may not exceed 22 days for faculty with 0-19 years of service and 25 days for faculty with 20+ years of service.

4. Can I carryover more than the maximum of 22 or 25 if I am denied vacation time or otherwise not afforded an opportunity to ?

Yes, if you request vacation time and it is denied or you are otherwise not afforded an opportunity to take requested vacation time, it is not unreasonable for you to request in writing that the days you were denied be carried over into the following fiscal year – even if total carryover exceeds your annual vacation entitlement of 22 or 25 days. The AAUP recommends that you document the vacation request denial and request in writing from your Chairperson the right to carry over the vacation days you were denied – even if they exceed the maximum 22 or 25 days and include those days in the annual reporting form.

5. If I am scheduled to work on a designated University Holiday, may I take an alternate date off?

Yes, you should make the request in writing to your supervisor stating your desire to take an alternate day off for the holiday worked. Please note holidays and float holidays must be taken within the calendar year and can not be carried over.

6. What are medical leave days ?

The purpose of medical leave is to compensate you when there is a documented medical inability to work. They are not the same as sick days. Medical leave days are used for a short or long term documented medical condition that prevents you from working (i.e. surgery). Sick days are unlimited and intended to be used for when you have a cold, temperature, or other conditions that does not rise to the level of a documented inability to work.

7. How many medical leave days do I receive ?

You receive 22 medical leave days per year. Part-time faculty receive a pro-rated medical leave benefit.

8. How do I use my medical leave days ? How many days can I use per occurrence ?

You must submit a written request for medical leave and supporting medical documentation of your inability to work to your Dean and Chairperson. You may use up to 132 days of medical leave per occurrence per 12-month period.

9. How many medical leave days can I carry over from one fiscal year to another ?

Medical Leave days are carried over from one fiscal year to another and are never forfeited. For instance, if you have 200 medical leave days and take 132 days in a fiscal year, you carryover 68 medical leave days into the following fiscal year and continue to accrue at the rate of 22 medical leave days per fiscal year.

10. How do I calculate my cumulative medical leave days ?

Use the following formula:
(Years of Service at UMDNJ X 22) – Medical Leave Days taken Since Date of Hire

If you are unsure of the number of medical leave days you have taken since your date of hire, ask the University to provide you with an accounting of days you have taken in writing and to the extent it is not provided to you, use your best estimate.

You can review the details of your medical leave and vacation benefits in UMDNJ’s faculty handbook at http://www.umdnj.edu/acadweb/facultyhandbook/benefits/leave.htm

If you have submitted your form and did not calculate your carryover vacation or medical days accurately, you may modify it by submitting the changes in writing to your Chairperson immediately.