Rowan Membership Form

AAUP-BHSNJ has fought hard for:

  • Clinical and Extramural Incentives
  • Salary Increases
  • The Preservation of Medical Leave

However, we need your help to restore the faculty’s voice and dignity at Rowan SOM. We need your support as a Voting Member in the upcoming contract negotiation for the new AAUP-BHSNJ collective bargaining agreement, negotiating salary increases, addressing compression equity, and protecting your jobs and benefits.

If you have not signed this form, you are currently paying nothing and are shifting the cost of the Association on to your colleagues. Voting Members also have a say in leadership elections and on the compensation plan the Association negotiates. Most importantly, it shows we have your support in building a better Rowan SOM.

    Payroll Deduction Authorization

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    I hereby authorize my AAUP Chapter to deduct from my paycheck the amount currently certified by the AAUP Chapter Council for voting member dues and consistent with state law.
    This authorization shall remain in effect unless terminated by me upon written notice of withdrawal. Such withdrawal procedure will follow New Jersey state law and any applicable policies/bylaws.


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