Rutgers-RWJMS/SPH | Chapter ByLaws




A. The Robert Wood Johnson Medical School/School of Public Health (RWJMS/SPH) Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) shall consist of members of the Biomedical and Health Sciences Council of AAUP Chapters of New Jersey (AAUP-BHSNJ) whose primary affiliation is through RWJMS or SPH or other unit of the New Brunswick or Piscataway campuses or its affiliates who is included within the collective bargaining unit as defined by the New Jersey Public Employment Relation Commission (PERC) and/or as modified by the parties in negotiation and who have paid AAUP-BHSNJ membership dues. Dues paying members shall have full voting rights, may hold any office, serve on any committee or be a Chapter representative to any organization.

B. Emeritus Members –Any retiring member may be awarded the title of Emeritus member by a vote of the Executive Board of the Chapter. Emeritus Members shall have no voting rights, shall not hold office and shall pay dues in an amount as determined by the Council of AAUP Chapters. The Awarding of Emeritus Membership shall include the future payment of National Emeritus dues at the Chapter's expense.


A. The officers shall be a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary. elected from the membership in December of each biannual year to hold office from January 1st following, for a period of two (2) years, and also the Past President. When it is not possible for the terms to begin on January 1st the incumbent officers’terms will be extended until the election results are counted and verified

B. In case a vacancy should occur in the office of President, the Vice President shall assume that office with a majority vote of the Executive Board. In case a vacancy should occur in the offices of Vice-President or-Secretary or the President shall appoint an officer to finish out the term of office.

C. 1. President- The President shall preside at Executive Board and general membership meetings, develop agendas, be an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominations and Elections committee, be the official representative of the Chapter to the Administration, the National AAUP and any other organization designated by the Chapter and, ordinarily, a representative to the BNSNJ-AAUP Council of Chapters,The President may delegate the authority to represent the Chapter on a temporary basis to any other officer, member of the Board of Governors, or Active Member. When the President or his or her designee so represents the Chapter, a report of such representation must be made within two weeks of this event to the Board of Governors and/or Chapter and be placed in the permanent records. The President is authorized to sign checks and consult with the Chapter's authorized legal advisors provided a report of such activities is made to the Board of Governors. Upon completion of his or her term of office, the President shall become the Past-President.Upon completion of his or her term of office, the President shall become the Past-President.

2. Vice-President- The Vice-President shall act in the absence of the President as presiding officer at Executive Board and Chapter meetings. The Vice- President shall assist in the duties of the President.

3. Secretary- The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping, maintaining and distributing the minutes of general membership and Executive Board meetings. The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining copies of all official correspondence, reports, records, and other documents and for their preservation in a permanent form. At the end of each term of office, the Secretary shall collect all the records for that term and be responsible for transmitting them in good order together with all previous records to the incoming Secretary. The Secretary shall be required to make any of these documents available to any Active Member upon reasonable notice. The Secretary shall preside at general membership and Executive Board meetings in the absence of the President and Vice President.


A.1. Starting January 1, 2022, there shall be an Executive Boardconsisting of the officers specified above and department representatives of each RWJMS/SPH department elected by secret ballot by the membership of each department.A department may also designate an alternate representative. However, in no case shall adepartment representative have more than one vote at any Executive Board meeting. In the event that a vacancy occurs in the department representative or alternate position, the department shall conduct a special election.

2. Department representatives shall report back to their respective departments information received at Executive Board meetings. The department representatives shall report to the Board matters of concern in each department.

3. An officer elected in Article II may also be a department representative or an alternate.

4. Members of the Executive Board shall serve for a term of two (2) years.

B. Executive

1. The President, or in his or her absence, the Vice President, shall serve as Chairperson of the Executive Board.

2. Meetings of the Executive Board shall be held as needed, or upon request from three (3) members of the Executive Board.However, in no case shall there be less than five (5) meetings per year. If the President is unable for any reason to call such a meeting, a meeting may be called by the three (3) members requesting it with one (1) week's notice to the other members of the Executive Board. A majority of Board members shall constitute a quorum. If a department fails to elect a representative, such department will not be counted towards the amount needed for a quorum. A member of the Executive Board may cast his or her vote by written limited or unlimited proxy, but such proxies shall not be counted in determining whether a quorum exists. All actions of the Executive Board shall be taken by an affirmative vote of a majority of the Executive Board.

3. The Executive Boardshall direct the affairs of the Chapter and represent the Chapter in all matters of concern to the members. The Executive Boardshall report their actions to the Chapter membership at least annually (as in person or virtual meetings).

C. Executive Board Representatives to the Council

Two (2) or more Executive Board members shall serve as representatives to the Council of AAUP Chapters, as follows

The RWJMS/SPH Chapter shall have at least two (2) representatives to the Council, who will ordinarily be the Chapter President and the immediate past Chapter President. Additional At-Large representation to the Council will be based on proportional representation: each 100 bargaining unit members will entitle the RWJMS/SPH Chapter to one (1) At-Large representative (rounding up for 51 and down for 50).


A. A Committee on Nominations and Elections must be established every each year. The Executive Board may establish other Standing Committees as it deems necessary.

B. The Executive Boardmay establish such other special or ad hoc committees as it may deem necessary.

C. The chairpersons of Executive Board committees shall be appointed by the Executive Board, and the chairpersons in turn shall choose members of the committees subject to confirmation by the Executive Board.

D. The Committee on Nominations and Elections shall ordinarily consist of a chairperson and two (2) other members. It shall prepare a slate of officers for the chapter and members of the chapter's Executive Boardfor the biannual election. The nominating committee shall strive to make the slate representative of RWJMS SPH’’s diverse people and interests.Before December 2023, the Committee on Nominations and Elections will be vested with the power to promulgate rules to stagger the terms of election with the goal of no more than half of Executive Board departments coming due for election at any one time. Such rules shall be effective after a 2/3 vote of the Executive Board.

E. Any member in good standing may nominate themself or another member in good standing for any office.

F. It shall be the duty of Committee on Nominations and Elections to conduct all balloting necessary for the conduct of the business of the Chapter.

G. Executive Board members are highly encouraged to serve on committees established by Council such as Membership, Negotiations, Government Relations, Finance/Personnel and/or other special committees.

H. In order to ensure that the interests of research-intensive faculty and basic scientists are represented, the Executive Board shall appoint a Research Faculty Standing Committee. The Research Faculty Committee shall report at each Executive Board meeting.

Article V. DUES

Annual dues shall be collected by dues deduction. A member shall be removed from membership if his or her dues are not paid. Only members whose dues are paid in full shall be eligible for office or membership on the various committees..Dues deduction policies shall be consistent with those adopted by the Council.


A. A regular general membership meeting shall be held prior to any election of officers/department representatives or annually in cases where there is no election. Announcement of the meeting should be sent to members at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting. At the spring meeting, The Committee on Nominations and Elections shall announce its nominations for the term ahead. The Committee may also receive nominations from the floor.

B. A special meeting may be called by the President, at the request of three (3) members of the Executive Board, or upon receipt of a petition signed by ten (10) members of the Chapter. Announcement of a special meeting should be sent to members no less than one week prior to the meeting date. Twenty (20) members shall constitute a quorum at meetings of the Chapter. The agenda of meetings shall be outlined in the call for the meeting. Any actions shall be by majority vote of the members present or by mail ballot if moved by a simple majority vote of the members attending.

C. The status of any monies held by the Chapter shall be reported to the membership atthe annual general membership meeting.


A. Members currently serving terms on the Executive Committee expiring on December 31, 2022 shall be automatically become department representatives as per Articles II Section A and III Section A above and shall complete their term December 31, 2022.

B. These by-laws shall become effective on the date of ratification.


A. These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a meeting of the RWJMS/SPH Chapter at the second of two successive general membership meetings at which an amendment or amendments to the by-laws are considered. A copy of the proposed amendments as approved at the first of such meetings must be sent to the membership of the Chapter at least two weeks prior to the second meeting

B. In the alternative, (if the method is approved by the Chapter leadership) these by- laws may be amended by a simple majority of those members voting by secure electronic voting.