Abbreviated Guide

Abbreviated Guide to the AAUP-UMDNJ Contract 2004-2009 * (extended to 06/30/2011)

Topic Description Contract Page(s)
Salary Schedules (min/mid/max)

Academic Base Salary Ranges (Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor for:

  • Medical and Dental -- Appendix A
  • Public Health -- Appendix B
  • Nursing -- Appendix C
  • Librarian -- Appendix D
Salary Increase Percentages

Specifies across-the-board increases for all AAUP Medical, Dental, Public Health and Nursing Faculty and Librarians, as well as merit increases for those who are evaluated as satisfactory or better

Pages 21-24
(Article VIII.B.1.–6.)
Appeal Procedure (for Unsatisfactory Evaluations)

Describes appeal procedure for less-than-satisfactory performance evaluations to an Appeals Panel consisting of two faculty, two administrators and a neutral

Pages 24-26
(Article VIII.B.8.)
Bases for Additional Compensation
  • Out-of-Cycle Increments (additional raises to reflect accomplishments or productivity)
  • Salary Matching (for a bona fide outside offer of employment)
  • Compensation for Additional Services (which are substantially over and above those normally assigned)
  • Pages 27-28
  • Page 29
  • Pages 29-30
Vacation and Holidays for Faculty

Provides 22 vacation days a year (25 vacation days a year at 21 years of employment), 3 float holidays and 9 specific named holidays

Page 32
Extramural Support Incentive Awards

Conditions for the award of bonuses to faculty (principal investigators and principal authors of grant proposals) with research grants or other extramural grants that provides them salary support

Page 26
Promotions for Medical, Dental and Public Health

Requires a salary increase for promotion to a new rank of the greater of: the minimum salary of the new rank or 10% above current salary

Pages 28
Grievance Procedure

Procedure for addressing: violations of the terms of the AAUP-UMDNJ Contract, violations of University Policies, improper discipline or termination, and similar matters

Pages 11-15
Notice of Non-Reappointment

Specifies minimum periods of notice of non-renewal of a term appointment.

Page 61

Provides additional terms related to Librarians

Pages 46-48
Nursing Faculty

Provides additional terms related to Nursing Faculty

Pages 49-51
UBHC Faculty

Provides additional terms related to UBHC Faculty

Pages 62-63
Table of Contents

Lists all Articles, Appendices & Side Letters

Pages 1-2

*This Abbreviated Guide is merely a brief summary and is not intended to nor does it modify the actual language of the Contract. For exact information, please refer to the Contract itself, or contact AAUP-UMDNJ at, (732) 235-4196 or (973) 972-5875 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Although the current AAUP-UMDNJ contract has expired (6/30/09), the terms of the expired agreement remain in effect until a successor agreement is ratified (excluding A-T-B & Merit Salary Increases pp. 21-22).